Pure-Col 100% Collagen Capsules

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Collagen gives your skin the elasticity and strength it needs to tackle everyday life. Helping to maintain skin, hair, nails, joints and support an active lifestyle.

Contents: Dietary Supplement 90 capsules of 100% pure collagen. Pure-Col is a molecular enhanced hydrolysed collagen, generated by an unique process for better absorbency.

Directions for Use: Take 3 capsules every night before going to sleep.

For optimum results: Food should not be consumed in the last hour before going to bed. Drink at least 1 litre of water every day.

Ingredients: Each natural capsules contains 400mg of 100% pure hydrolysed pharmaceutical grade collagen, complying with the 1990 Food Safety Act. All ingredients are natural and not genetically modified.

Not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the stated dose. Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating. If you are being treated for a medical condition then please consult your Medical Practitioner.